Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Good Week

September 6, 2010
well this week was a fast one.  our zone and disrtict leaders went to
armenis for the week for some training meetings so i was with Elder
Nelson for the week.  we worked half in his area and half in my area
since our areas are so close. pretty much like the same city HA HA HA
so i didn't get a lot of time to work with my friends (investigators)
(i call them friends so they seem more closely) but we did have 2 come
to church for sunday school. it was our miracle family couple!!!  they
were late for sacrement and just staid for sunday school cuz they left
their 8 month year old baby at home, but they like it and our branch
president met them and so did our other members.  also a really cool
things happened.......... WE HAD 5 PEOPLE (not including missionaries
and President hyke) IN SACREMENT MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!  that is a
record!!! HA HA HA HA how many did you have?  ya it was a great
experience! President hyke changed up sacrement a little bit.  so
after sacrement was passed and over we gathered in a circle and had a
testimony meeting with just our small group. President hyke had all of
us missionaries bear our testimony and then any members that wanted
too.  President Hyke really likes having us share our experiences and
our testimony.  so that was totally cool!  it felt like at a camp out
with the youth or like on a trek or somthing like that.  just gathered
around and bearing our testimonies.  great experience.  also we had a
baptism in the avlabari branch!!!!  so we had another "friend" come
unto christ. that was great!!!  so it was a great week!!!
well my companion is back and we are pumped up with new light and new
ideas and new ways to bring "friends" unto Christ!!  may He be with us
this week!!! ;)

so i hope that you week goes well  for you and that you are safe!!!
remember who you are and what you stand for!!!


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