Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going back a little...

This email is from July 5, 2010- sorry, i found it today and decided to backtrack a little. Scott got a new apartment and lots of new changes with a new missionary president and I didn't want to miss recording this crazy month on here!

well this last week was a pretty crazy, fun, eventful, and slow week.
first i started the week by moving!!!  i moved my apartment!  i left
my one room (20x15ft.) apartment and moved to an americanized 3 room,
2 couch, 2 floor apartment paying the same as the other place.  i am
still in the saburtalo area just in a new house!  that was fun!! i
love the new house!  so with my ankle being bad i could move a lot so
the other elders came and moved most the stuff, so that was way nice!
i am now closer to the church and have more space and comfort :)  the
kitchen is my favorite part!  it has a huge  fridge and a bar to sit
and eat at,  it has granite counter tops and real cupboards! HA HA HA
it is so sweet!!!  ya that was good!  i was happy for the move and so
was the senior couples. they were glad we got out of the tiny one room
place.  why the other elders before me chose that place i don;t know.
%)  so i got a good place now :) then on tuesday we had district
meeting and we got the news that there would be transfers!!!!  oh
my!!!  so elder nelson left saburtalo and i stayed and elder Hartley
from my group came to me!  we are the first in our group to serve
together since comin to the field.  being 1 year out, this is going to
be AWESOME!!!! i am looking forward to this and serving with him :)
it is going to be awesome!!!  he is a good elder!  so then one
wednesday elder ans sister Packard left us.  (they were a senior
couple in georgia; they were basically our leader since our mission
president lives in another country.)  well they left to go back home
and become temple president of the dallas texas temple. that will be a
big and great thing for them!!!  so then on thursday president Dunn
and his wife left and president carter arrived!  so in one week  my
whole world has been changed!!!  and through all of this i can't walk
and just have to sit at home all day resting.  my new comp is pretty
cool with it.  he understands and is helping get better so we can BOTH
go pound the work later.  so we have been studying and meeting with a
few people and just resting.  this week was a crazy change for me.  i
am hope hat by the end of this week i will be back to where i can walk
again on my foot, so we can do some work.   this week our new mission
president is coming to georgia and and with him he is bringing a
mission call for one of our youth that has been preparing to go for a
year now.  he is 20 and such a good kid.  he will be the 3rd
missionary to leave from georgia.  our hope and goal to help to work
grow here is to get the little youth that we have out on a mission and
then when they come back in 2 years they them selves an help build the
church.  so for now we have been focusing on the youth in the church.
in 2 weeks we have two boys that are going on mini missions here in
georgia with us missionaries, to help them get ready. so in two weeks
we will be changing again and 2 of us full time missionaries will be
with 2 mini missionaries.  they will serve full time like us and live
with us and be just like us for 6 weeks to prepare them for their
mission in 6 months.  this is so exciting to be here and to see the
work grow through the youth and to be part of it!!   it is truly the
work of the Lord; that He has let us take part in.

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