Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Georgia!

hey family! wat’s up! Well, it has been one week in Georgia! It is so cool here. The people are the nicest people ever and the food is the best I've ever had. There hachapoore; it is bread with melted cheese inside. There is lobeane; it is a tortea with beans and meat inside. There is lavash; is it like a burrito but so much better. The food here is so good!! Everything is fresh and made right when you order. SO GOOD!!! The people are so nice. They love that I am American and love to talk. It is awesome! Well, the work is good. We got one guy who just has to quit smoking before he can get baptized. He has been trying for 4 months now to quit and he is down to 2 smokes a day when he was at like 80 a day. He is doing all right. Then, we got 2 other investigators who know the truth about the gospel, but are afraid to commit because they have fear. So Ii am working trying to get rid of the fear that has been built up in the people for centuries. The work is great. So Georgia is so BEAUTIFUL!! Mountains all around. So amazing flowers and trees and buildings and everything is just so awesome!!! Today is Zone Conference so we are going to Armenia for two days. that will be cool. Nate: good luck in swimming! you are going to dominate! well like i said Georgia is the BEST! I feel like i have been here before!!! It is great. I LOVE YOU ALL!
LOVE Elder Superman/JOHNSON

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