Thursday, October 1, 2009

One more week...

October 1, 2009
Whats up? how are you all? how is work and school? well I am great and loving life!! Only one more week here in the MTC and one more week her in AMERICA!! YAHOO!!! I so excited! well its been a busy week. lots of preaparations for georgia and departure. I sent home my flight planes. I will try and call at noon but I can't make any guarantees. HOW DO YOU CALL COLLECT?
Well we started learning russian and Oh My Lanta!!! it is crazy hard! Georgian is way harder but the 2 are nothing alike so its difficult. oh well I can do it. Got a Russian book of morman so I have started reading very very little in it. I can Honestly say my Georgian is better than my Russian... ha ha ha
NATE: CONRGRAGULATIONS ON MAKING THE TEAM!!!! I am so proud of you!! I am happy that I could leave such a good impression on the team that cruff would want anyone related to me on it!! lol jk you're a great swimmer!! so what races are you going to swim? what lane are you in? you made any friends on the team? tell cruff hi for me and the rest of the team! thanks!! your AEWSOME!
Well my time is up. :( I will write the rest in a handwritten letter. :) no p-day next week. so until next time I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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